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What Makes a Quality Tart Cherry Juice?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

So, you’ve heard about tart cherry juice and all its supposed benefits — but how can you  know which tart cherry juice is high quality? We’ll let you in on a secret: we came up with a one-of-a-kind extraction process that shows up the competition, which gives our juice quality that powers performance. Oh, and it tastes good too.

At Cheribundi, we’ve spent a decade getting to know and love tart cherries, and so we know that a quality tart cherry juice’s defining feature is in its ingredients. In fact, we believe that the shorter that list of ingredients is, the better and more high quality the juice. Here’s a hint: our tart cherry juice is made from one primary ingredient, and that’s tart cherries.

Must-Haves for Quality Tart Cherry Juice

A cherry juice of the highest quality should have the following:

  • A cherry-picking process that ensures no cherry is harmed. Peace, love, and cherries.
  • A juicing process that ensures all of nature’s goodness is retained in each and every cherry.
  • No additives that dilute the pure strength extraction from the 100% tart cherries, including added sugars. 

The Perfect Pick

Once a year, when tart cherry trees blossom, our team heads out to the orchards to get to work and find the ‘perfect picks.’ This is when the cherries are the ripest. Our tart cherry picking process begins by first shaking the tart cherries from the tree instead of using an extraction tool. When extracted with machinery, there’s a risk that the cherries can be damaged, which can diminish its taste and quality. 

So, we gently shake the trees, mimicking the movement a gust of wind would cause, and the ripe cherries that are ready to fall make their debut. We take only the best cherries back to the factory with us, where they’ll undergo our one-of-a-kind extraction process… our competitive edge.

A One-of-A-Kind Gentle Juicing Process That’s Been Perfected

Our cherries are then juiced through a juicing process we refer to as “gentle juicing.” This one of a kind, not-from-concentrate process was created by our founder Adam Davey and a team of scientists at Cornell University ten years ago. We’ve been perfecting the process ever since. “Gentle juicing” differs from other juicing processes in that, true to its name, it juices the cherries gently. 

This also means something else: all of nature’s goodness stays in the juice. None of the nutrients are harmed through an extensive extraction process. How tart cherries are processed and juiced contributes to the quality of its juice -- you could have the best tart cherries from the finest orchard, but if they’re subject to extreme heat, their juice won’t carry the same quality.

The more that a glass of 100% tart cherry juice can carry close to the same number of nutrients that a real tart cherry has before the juicing process, the more benefits can be derived and nature’s secret weapon can be put to work. We put it to work, all right.

ONLY the Good Stuff (No Added Sugars)

Tart cherries are full of antioxidants and other natural nutrients that don’t need a cherry on top (pun-intended). These cherries are sweet enough, with up to 25 grams of natural sugars in sixty cherries. No added sugars are necessary, and adding them would only compromise the integrity of nature’s goodness. 

Only minimal pesticides are used, too. Because tart cherries are a short season crop, many sweet cherry juice brands utilize extensive pesticides to keep their juice fresh. Tart cherries do not require additional pesticide treatments.

Finally, Cheribundi is Kosher, Gluten Free, and Vegan. A daily eight ounces of 100% quality tart cherry juice is recommended to see the “fruits” (pun-intended… again!) of the potential benefits. Enjoy a glass of our quality, 100% tart cherry juice.

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