7-day challenge

See Just How Amazing You Can Feel

Naturally, we want you to experience those same great benefits for yourself. So take the challenge and drink 8 oz of your favorite Cheribundi product per day for 7 days and notice how amazing you feel.

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  • "My challenge is going great! Now that I have more energy, and no pain in my legs and hips I can exercise more!"

    - Sherrie

  • "I love Cheribundi. Not only is it helping with my gout joint pain, it seems to be keeping the nerve pain in my feet from diabetes down as well! You have a long-term customer in me.”

    - Jim

  • “I’m a single parent who works 10-hour days, so it's critical I get enough sleep. I was having a hard time sleeping and heard cherry juice could help. I signed up for the challenge and after 4 days of drinking Cheribundi, I am sleeping like a baby!”

    - Mila

  • “I have actually been doing the "challenge" for about 2 months. I truly believe it has increased the amount of sleep I get. When I travel without the juice I do not get as restful sleep. Cheers to Cheribundi! At this point, I wish it came directly out of my faucet! ;)”

    - Lee

  • “3 days into the challenge I noticed two things. I was falling asleep faster and able to stay asleep, and my body recovered well after each workout without muscle pain.”

    - Jody

  • “I started the 7-day challenge and 3 days into it my legs weren’t sore after a long run. That’s when I fell in love with Cheribundi!”

    - Megan

  • “ If you want to be the best you can be, you have to help your body and put the right things in it. Cheribundi helps keep me feeling healthy and fit so I can compete at the highest level.”

    - Devin McCourty