About Us


We believe in the simple philosophy that we should keep good things in. That’s why we’ve built our company on the powerful benefits that come from tart cherries. Benefits that allow our customers to be healthier, both mentally and physically. While we’ve found great success helping people with our tart cherry products, this is a philosophy that doesn’t stop there. It’s one that guides our actions toward our employees, our innovations, our processes and our stewardship. It’s our foundation, our purpose and our mission. Every action we take grows from it. Every decision we make is measured by it. And every success we have starts when we keep good in.


  • Embrace expertise, but do so with knowledge and humility
  • Put good into everything we do
  • Celebrate the pursuit of wellness at every age
  • Prepare for sustained success day after day
  • Listen to science and our customers
  • Be clear and transparent about our benefits and our beliefs
  • Act as a partner in health
  • Focus on healthy products that taste great


When a former athlete discovered the benefits of tart cherries, he couldn’t quite believe they were true. So, he partnered with a research team at Cornell to study these incredible tart cherries and find out if they really were as beneficial as he thought. After a good bit of testing, research and trial, Cheribundi was born. Now, our super natural, tart cherry juice comes backed by science – and is ready to be shared with the world.