Over 150 professional and college teams train using Cheribundi.

Yes, a tart cherry juice company from upstate New York just so happens to support the nutrient intake of over 150 professional and college teams. Tart cherry juice can help athletes reduce inflammation and recover faster, and it’s a thrill for us to help people who truly need trusted sources. When an athlete’s intake isn’t delivering, it shows, and our tart cherry juice helps them perform at their best.

Athletes’ Secret Weapon

As a vendor to over 150 teams, Cheribundi is constantly on the lookout for any information that can assist athletes—professional and otherwise—in getting more out of their workouts and physical activity. (And if tart cherries happen to be mentioned, all the better.) This report from choosecherries.com, offers some great health information on the science behind how tart cherry juice can help with athletic recovery and inflammation.
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The Science Behind Cheribundi

Various research studies have shown:

• Compared to 32 other healthy beverages, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice was found to have the highest antioxidant capacity, with an ORAC unit measurement 1.4 times higher than the next highest juice.

• Subjects who consumed two 8 oz servings of Cheribundi per day had more rapid recovery of strength, an 11% increase in their overall antioxidant status, and 49% less inflammation than the placebo treatment.

• Subjects who consumed two 8 oz servings of Cheribundi per day demonstrated significant improvements in sleep latency, wake after sleep onset, and decreases in insomnia severity.