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Does Tart Cherry Juice Have a Lot of Sugar?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

We get it. You want tart cherry juice for its many presumed benefits, such as the high level of anthocyanins and antioxidants… but hold the sugar, please! Cheribundi’s tart cherry juice is made with one primary ingredient (tart cherries), and tart cherry juice does include sugar… but this is only the naturally-occurring fructose and glucose that all fruits have. These forms of sugar provide natural energy to our bodies, as well, and are actually part of our nutritional needs.

What we do promise you is that a glass of Cheribundi will never have any added sugars (sucrose). In fact, what makes it into your bottle is strictly the gently processed juices from the cherries right when they arrive from the orchards. We use a proprietary method called ‘gentle juicing’ to ensure that none of the naturally-occurring nutrients within the tart cherries are harmed or extracted in the juicing process, and don’t add anything else to the juice. No preservatives, no sugar added, and all of our juices are non-GMO. In tandem with our proprietary process, that’s the science of winning.

Keep Good In, Leave the Rest Behind

Cheribundi was born out of the desire to capture more of the benefits of tart cherries. We’re not sure if you’ve heard the (verified) rumors quite yet, but these little red fruits are nature’s secret weapon. A decade ago, a former athlete discovered the benefits and wanted to make sure they were true. So, he worked with a team of Cornell University researchers who confirmed that, indeed, tart cherries are every bit as beneficial as he suspected. 

In addition to the naturally-occurring fructose and glucose that tart cherries have, they also have naturally-occuring melatonin, which may help to nix insomnia and ensure a more restful night of quality sleep. Then, they’re high in anthocyanins, which is an antioxidant that’s been linked to reducing inflammation, which may also reduce any muscle soreness. These are some of the major reasons that athletes love Cheribundi, and count on each glass to keep the good in.

The Nutrition Numbers

Let’s take it by the numbers, too: each eight ounce glass of our 100% tart cherry juice packs a whole sixty tart cherries. And, none of our juices are from concentrate. From those sixty cherries, the total amount of grams of sugar per eight ounce serving is 25 grams. Again, these are natural sugars, with no additives.

That eight-ounce serving size is so important because our Cheribundi community has created quite a ritual around it: one (or two!) eight ounce servings of Cheribundi per day. Many professional and collegiate sports teams have joined in for the ritual too, citing noticeable improvements in their sleep and reduced soreness. Cheribundi powers a performance that pops.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself! Our 7-Day Challenge helps you get into the habit of consuming eight ounces a day so that you respect the ritual, too. Those seven days are enough time to build up the phytonutrients in your system so you start to notice the benefits. And don’t worry, just because we don’t add sugar doesn’t mean that the juice doesn’t taste divine. You’ll love its tart and subtle natural sweetness. 

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