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Cheribundi Mission

Athlete recovering with Cheribundi
Fueling the power of progress

healthy happens one decision at a time

Cheribundi believes every body is a work-in-progress. Every day, step by step. Making good choices, finding support, starting each day revived and ready. Our mission is to nourish your process so you can harness the profound power of daily achievement. Whether you’re a pro athlete or just warming up, your body should never be a barrier toward your best self. Cheribundi’s high-performance wellness products prime you to make every day a perfect day for progress.

Respect the Ritual
Respect the Ritual
Respect the Ritual
Respect the Ritual
cb logo Respect the Ritual
cb logo Respect the Ritual
cb logo Respect the Ritual
cb logo Respect the Ritual

In the Game for 20 Years

Cultivated on the farm and certified on the sports field, Cheribundi was born from tart cherry juice’s powerful impact on sleep, recovery, and overall health. Championing the path toward all-natural wellness, we continue to harness nature’s innovations. A 20-year mission so successful that over 475 pro and college athletic teams religiously fuel their bodies with Cheribundi’s high-performance wellness products.

Fighting the Real Fight

Bringing Trade Secrets to Healthletes
From pro athletics, we share the cutting edge of natural sports nutrition and wellness with the world.
Standing Against Synthetics
Cheribundi backs the natural path toward healthier nutrition, smarter exercise, and wiser recovery.
Supporting Daily Ritual
Through the Pit Crew, we’re building a community to inspire rituals that set every body up for success.

Cheribundi partners with organizations that promote nutrition, all-natural wellness, and science-backed recovery.

Recovery Advisory Council
To further our mission of bringing the best of scientifically-backed, all-natural performance solutions to everyday healthletes, we’ve assembled a Recovery Advisory Council (RAC). Our council is made up of highly respected, expertly credentialed industry experts across fitness, nutrition, science and recovery. They provide us with cutting edge trends, ingredients, formulations and product formats in natural health and wellness.
As a premier partner, we support the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA) with the development of nutrition programs for athletic departments. Founded on the principle that whole foods are the best fuel, our sponsorship advocates for full-time sports dietetic positions that ensure athletes are well nourished, properly refueled, and well educated about lifelong nutrition.

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