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19 July 2022 Jenna Amos
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As the temperature ticks up during summer months, staying hydrated is key for maintaining not optimal athletic performance and basic bodily functions. Stay attuned to your body for common signs of dehydration like fatigue, headaches, light headedness, and of course, thirst.

While drinking fluids steadily throughout the day may be the best prevention for becoming dehydrated, plain water can get boring, leaving you sipping less. Add some of these unique ways to keep you hydrated to your daily routine.     

  • Snack on fresh fruit: Fresh watermelon, along with summer favorites strawberries and cantaloupe, are over 90% water and pack a hydration punch. Apples, oranges and pineapple are all over 80% water making them great choices for staying hydrated too. Choose fresh fruit as a snack and pair with meals to up your fluid content throughout the day.   
  • Salad: Most fresh veggies are over 90% water.  Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers are particularly hydrating. Prep a large salad early in the week to have a water rich side ready to go for lunches and dinners. Top some of that prepped salad with grilled chicken for a low cook meal that won’t heat up your kitchen.
  • Smoothies: Ideal post-workout or as breakfast for steamy summer mornings, smoothies are ready in minutes and pack hydration. Load a blender with water packed fresh or frozen fruit, milk of your choice, and your favorite post workout or protein powder.  Throw in some ice cubes for an extra icy and hydrating smoothie!     
  • Ice pops: DIY your own nutrient packed pops by combining your favorite fruit, 100% juice, and yogurt in a popsicle mold. Try blended tart cherry juice, lime, and watermelon for an antioxidant packed cooling snack that doubles as a post workout recovery treat.

Incorporate these foods and other hydrating favorites  daily to keep you on track in the summer heat.

Thanks to our Contributing Dietitian, Jenna Amos, RDN, for this post.

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