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19 January 2023 Cheribundi Marketing
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January always brings reflections on the past year and thoughts on positive changes we want to make in the new year ahead.


With less than 50% of resolutions being kept through the end of January, there's an abundance of research that sheds light on techniques for setting resolutions that actually stay. Check them out and work to build stronger resolutions for 2023: 

  • Find support: Studies show that receiving regular support from emails, monthly follow ups, and having a friend for accountability was statistically significantly more likely to keep their resolutions after 1 year compared to a group receiving no support. Find support for your resolution through an online platform or tracker, in person accountability partner or gym group!
  • Make it enjoyable: If you approach a new habit with dread every time, you’re less likely to keep going. An immediate reward, like a fun activity, elicits greater adherence to goals than a long term reward, like better health due to an immediate dopamine release that makes you feel good with enjoyable activities. If your goal is to workout more, choose activities you actually enjoy and if it's to eat healthier, find recipes that taste delicious instead of forcing yourself to eat healthy but unappealing foods.
  • Don't give up: Veering off course from a new habit doesn’t have to mean throwing in the towel all together. When setting a resolution, plan for when things go wrong- because they will! When you overindulge at dinner or hit snooze too many times, having a plan will make the misstep seem more in control. Remember: every great athlete has poor training sessions from time to time. Could you imagine if they just gave up after one missed goal? Allowing for “emergencies”, or when progress derails, actually leads to longer term habit adherence.  

Remember, new habit formation takes time, so have patience and perseverance. The great news is that resolutions can be made at any time so if January 1st isn’t right for you, simply choose your own start date. 

Thanks to our Contributing Dietitian, Jenna Amos, RDN, for this post.

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