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16 June 2023 Cheribundi Marketing
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If you follow it with any semblance of regularity, you’ve likely heard that football is the sport of gladiators. That’s a cool thing to say because gladiators are cool. But that also means that the sport’s participants face a grueling physical toll.


Few players are more familiar with this hefty tax the body is forced to endure than the San Francisco 49ers offensive chameleon Deebo Samuel. His position on the depth chart may read “WR,” but those who have been paying attention know that there’s a lot more to his game than just catching passes.

On any given possession, he could be stationed in the backfield, at the line of scrimmage, or even directly under center. He’s a positionless player in every sense of the word, and because of that, his body takes a pounding like none other. However, his unique deployment on the football field doesn’t change his preparation too much. The real key to being able to do what he does at such an unprecedented level is his recovery process.

“It doesn’t change the way I train too much,” Samuel said in an interview with Forbes. “I just train myself to be in the best shape possible. You can’t really train yourself to be hit. It’s more of a mental thing. Growing up, I played running back a good bit, so I’m kind of used to getting hit.”

“The recovery phase is the most important for me because I take more hits than a lot of people playing the position I play [WR],” Samuel explained. “The most important part is to take care of your body right after the game so that you can start getting physically prepared for the next week.”

He even went on to say that proper recovery is essential for any athlete that wants to have a long career in the NFL. “Man, if you’re not doing it in this league, you are not going to last long.”

For Samuel, that recovery is fueled in large part by Cheribundi supplements. “I start my day with my Cheribundi morning routine, which helps with inflammation and is filled with a lot of ingredients that can help your body recover faster.”

For those unfamiliar with the product, Cheribundi is one of the leaders in natural sports nutrition – using an all-natural tart cherry juice to help fuel the very recovery that athletes like Samuel need to succeed at the highest levels. The product is scientifically proven to improve sleep (something Samuel greatly prioritizes), recovery, and overall mental and physical health. It’s something Samuel has been using for years, and now he’s even a partner with them.

“It started in college. We had a nutritionist at the [University of South Carolina] who introduced me to it,” Samuel recalled during his conversation with Forbes. “And you know, when you’re young, you’re like, ‘Alright, whatever, I’ll try it.’ But it was something I fell in love with immediately because of how it made me feel and how it helps me recover from all the nicks and bruises. I’ve been doing this changing positions thing since I was in college, and Cheribuni has helped me in a tremendous way in enabling me to recover the way I want to.”

“Not everything works for everyone. You just have to find that one thing that works for you, and that’s what this was for me. That’s why I fell in love with Cheribundi.”

Moving forward, Samuel will need to continue to lean on Cheribundi to augment his training process and give him the extra boost he needs. After all, next season is an important one for him. While he’s proud of the way his team performed overall last season, he expects more from himself personally.

“For the team, we had an outstanding season even though we got off to a slow start. It was an unfortunate coincidence that our quarterback [Brock Purdy] got hurt during the NFC Championship, and we couldn’t really do the things we wanted to do. But as far as myself, this off-season, I have a lot of work to do because last year wasn’t too good.”

In 2021, Samuel had 1,770 yards from scrimmage across 16 regular season games (roughly 110.6 yards from scrimmage per game). This year, he only had 864 yards from scrimmage, despite only appearing in three fewer games (66.7 yards from scrimmage per game).

This off-season, Samuel will be cooking in the lab, working hard to make sure he gets back to his lofty 2021 standards in 2023. And the 49ers are going to need every bit of his production if they are going to reach their ultimate goal.

“We only have one goal as a team: to put a ring on our finger at the end of the year.”

Now, it’s up to Samuel and the rest of the 49ers to make sure they do enough recovery to make it through not only a full regular season but an entire Super Bowl run.

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