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Uncovering the Power Of Tart Cherries


The abundance of natural benefits 
found in tart cherries first grabbed the attention of—who else?—a former athlete. After noticing a huge difference in performance, wellbeing, rest and more, he was a believer … but his belief needed backup. So, he partnered with a research team at Cornell University to study the tart cherries that added so much to his routine. After a gauntlet of testing, significant research and trial, 
Cheribundi was born.

Connecting with and supporting growers across the country has been vital to the success of Cheribundi. Now, backed both by science and families of cherry harvesters across the country, we’re ready to share the undeniable antioxidant power of 
tart cherry juice with the sports world—empowering every level of athlete 
to extract their best possible performance.

Harvesting Nature’s Secret Weapon

One of a kindExtractionProcess

Timing is everything.

Keeping our cherries on the tree until the perfect moment ensures we’re serving up nature at its best, from the taste of our cherries to the nutrients inside.

We keep it natural.

We harvest our perfectly ripened cherries by a tree-shaking method, rather than picking by machine, so that our cherries aren’t damaged—preserving as much 
goodness as possible.

Backed by Cornell University.

Our proprietary “gentle juicing” process was developed in conjunction with a team 
of Cornell University scientists to get every drop of goodness out of our cherries. Keeping the processing to a minimum retains all of the nutrients, power and delicious taste from the fruit and doesn’t require the extensive heating that can often kill the benefits we harvested for in 
the first place.

Made in the USA.

We work directly with Peterson Farms in Shelby, Michigan, ensuring the freshest product possible.