Discover the powerful benefits of tart cherries.

Science Proves It

Tart cherries also contain naturally occurring melatonin, known as a key ingredient to a good night’s sleep. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of tart cherries, a great source is It’s full of data from independent research studies!

Increased Sleep Time & Improved Sleep Quality

Melatonin in tart cherries helps regulate your body’s sleep cycle naturally, signaling your body to fall asleep and decreasing restlessness at night.

Decreased Muscle Soreness & Faster Recovery

Antioxidants in tart cherries fight inflammation-causing enzymes, reducing muscle soreness after workouts. These antioxidants can also work to reduce inflammation and exercise-induced oxidative stress, aiding in the recovery of muscle function, which speeds up recovery.

Reducing Inflammation & Managing Pain

Antioxidants in tart cherries fight inflammation-causing enzymes, which may cause physical pain. By blocking the enzymes that cause inflammation, tart cherries can help reduce pain associated with common ailments such as gout and arthritis.