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Cheribundi is a natural tart cherry juice performance aid that fuels your daily ritual - backed by science and certified by champions
natural tart cherry juice
On top of the proven cumulative benefits from daily use like reduced inflammation and improved sleep, tart cherry juice is the optimal foundation for powerful natural ingredients like echinacea, valerian root, and vitamin C.
fuels your daily ritual
Approaching health much like the regular training of an athlete, healthletes like you habitually drink Cheribundi’s high-performance wellness products to reduce soreness, boost immunity, and recover faster.
backed by science
At least 15 independent, peer-reviewed, scientific studies have proven consuming at least 8 ounces of tart cherry juice for several days accelerates recovery after exercise.
certified by champions
Based on recommendations from sports nutritionists and dietitians, more than 400 pro and college athletic teams consume Cheribundi to reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and recover quicker.

Twenty Years of Trophies

For the last twenty years, professional athletes, sports nutritionists, and dietitians have recognized the naturally cumulative benefits of Cheribundi. The numbers prove it.


Pro and College
Sports Teams


US Professional
Football Teams


Past professional
Football Champions


College Football & Basketball Champions Since 2007

One Small Fruit.
One Giant List of Benefits.
Reduce Inflammation
Plant compounds called anthocyanins cut inflammation in half, reducing soreness and improving overall health.
<p>100% Natural<br/>Recovery</p>

100% Natural

Deeper, Sounder Sleep
Naturally occurring melatonin helps you fall asleep quicker, adding up to 90 more minutes of sleep nightly.
<p>Grown in<br/>the USA</p>

Grown in
the USA

Boost Immunity
Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant compounds benefiting your immune system.
<p>Proprietary<br/>Extraction Process</p>

Extraction Process

Cumulative Recovery
Studies prove regularly consuming 45-50 tart cherries per day prevents and repairs muscle damage.


100% Natural

Grown in
the USA

Extraction Process


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