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How Much Tart Cherry Juice Should You Drink A Day?

Posted by Allison Mitchell on

With Cheribundi, it’s easier than ever to conveniently consume tart cherry juice. (Not to mention - it tastes good!) Like all things in life, everything in moderation - but we like to recommend at least 8oz every day. To make it easy to establish this habit, join Cheribundi’s 7-Day Challenge. The premise is simple: for seven days straight, make sure to enjoy at least 8oz of tart cherry juice. The benefits will be tangible, and it’ll be the beginning of a healthy (and delicious) habit. The studies Research around tart cherry has generally focused on participants consuming between 8 and 12 ounces per day: A 2009 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports tested runners in the London Marathon who consumed 8oz of tart cherry juice a day, and saw an 11% increase in their overall antioxidant status and 49% less inflammation. In a 2010 study 14 male student athletes drank 12 oz of Cheribundi Tart Cherry twice a day and showed significantly less strength loss (only 3% loss of capacity of eccentric elbow exion contractions) versus those drinking a placebo (24% loss). A study in July 2017 noted that in evaluating tart cherry juice, “Timing and dosage vary widely, but most studies use 8 to 12 ounces (1 oz if concentrate form) twice a day.” However, there’s no real limit to how much you can drink — we guess it depends how much you crave a bottle of Cheribundi! One delicious choice is our potent 100% tart cherry juice which, true to its name, only has one ingredient: tart cherry juice. It comes in 8oz, 12oz, and 24oz servings, and starting with the recommended 8oz is great for beginners (and the preferred amount for the 7-Day Challenge). To make it easier than ever to hit your 8oz per day, we expanded our product selection to make sure we have something for everyone. Try our LIGHT cherry juice ,which has fewer calories and includes natural stevia, and the HYDRATE cherry juice, which includes coconut water for a boost in hydration upon consumption. Many in our Cheribundi community opt for a glass with breakfast, perhaps one post-workout, or one to have in the evening about an hour before bed — or, they include their daily 8oz in a morning smoothie or mixed with sparkling water for their 7-Day challenge! Cheribundi seamlessly blends with your lifestyle and offers a refreshing beverage that happens to provide health benefits, too. Try our REBUILD option for post-workout or our SLEEP option to promote a better night’s rest with valerian root and lemon balm, in addition to all tart cherry juice’s natural occurring melatonin. 7-Day Cheribundi Challenge To hold yourself accountable, join the Cheribundi community in the 7-Day Cheribundi challenge. Eight ounces a day for seven days: try it yourself and see the benefits!

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