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13 October 2020 Cheribundi Marketing

The easiest way for you to find out is to try it. But we’ll give you a little hint before you do.

Like the name implies, tart cherries have a subtle tartness, a little sour kick similar to blackberries. But that’s balanced by a slight sweetness that comes from the all-natural fruit sucrose and sucrose found in the superfruit that is sometimes called “nature’s secret weapon”.

The Benefits 

Tart cherries don’t just taste good, they’re amazing for you. They’re filled with antioxidantsanthocyanins, and melatonin that mean they’re amazing for fighting inflammation, helping your muscles to repair faster and giving you better quality sleep.

But how do you get enough to feel the health benefits? Well, that’s where our process helps.

Our process

We only pick the best cherries during the three week period in the year when they’re in full harvest and at their most perfect ripeness. We use a hydraulic tree shaker which imitates the movement of the wind to gently shake them off the tree. This ensures that the ripe cherries drop on their own and are unlikely to be damaged.

Then, to preserve the wholesome, robust flavor and all those amazing nutrients we use a proprietary process we call ‘gentle juicing’. This involves juicing them with minimal heat to ensure that they still retain all their goodness in terms of taste and nutrients. 

Then we’re left with delicious, not-from-concentrate juice that we like to think of as the wholesome taste of the science of winning.

And that’s our secret. There is no secret ingredient, no extra additives, or processed syrupy sugars. Just the 60 tart cherries that make up every 8oz bottle of pure Cheribundi with the 25 grams of sugars found naturally in the fruit.