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What Does Tart Cherry Juice Taste Like?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

Sure, we love getting our health benefits from various juices and health foods. But… how do they taste? Sometimes, something that’s “healthy” gets a bad reputation on the taste front. But sometimes, a superfruit like a tart cherry can be as delicious as it’s beneficial. 

A glass of Cheribundi’s 100% tart cherry juice does boast a subtle tartness, that pairs well with the refreshing taste of fresh, gently juiced cherries. Think of some of your favorite fruits that have a sour kick, such as blackberries. It tastes similar. And of course, that taste is all the better when you know just how many antioxidants and anthocyanins are included in each sip, with no added sugars.

A One-of-A-Kind, Not-From-Concentrate Process for Great Taste

Cheribundi’s proprietary, gentle juicing process contributes to the wholesome, robust taste of the tart cherry juice. Our team only ‘picks’ cherries when they are in full harvest, which happens just once a year for a three week period. The ripeness of the tart cherries contributes to the mouthwatering taste. 

Now, we’re pretty protective over both the taste and the nutrients. So, what we do next is done very carefully. We extract the cherries from the cherry trees by gently shaking the tree with a hydraulic tree shaker that imitates the natural movement of the wind. This causes the cherries to drop on their own, where they’re less likely to be damaged. 

We then transport the cherries from their orchard to our home factory, where the very best of the picks undergo a gentle juicing process to ‘extract pure strength’ (the punch in these cherries deserves that description!). This is done by juicing them with minimal heat, and the end result is our favorite tart and fruity juice, with all the benefits that help you to recover and reset for everyday excellence. 

A Wholesome Taste from the Science of Winning

Here’s a secret to why it tastes so good: each sip of our 100% tart cherry juice tastes just like a freshly squeezed tart cherry, without any additives. Because these tart cherries are the primary ingredient in each of our juices, we don’t dilute the taste with syrupy, added sugars and sucrose. It simply doesn’t need it! 

An eight ounce serving of Cheribundi features the juice of 60 tart cherries and their naturally-occurring sugars, which comes out to 25 total grams of natural sugar. Specifically, the sugar content is from fructose and glucose. The natural sweetness of these sugars balances well with the tartness that tart cherries possess.

To try 100% tart cherry juice, complete with many potentially anti-inflammatory benefits, we encourage you to join the Cheribundi 7 Day Challenge with our community once you fall in love with the great taste. We encourage the seven day challenge because it will help your body to build up all the phytonutrients and antioxidants necessary to start seeing benefits! Then, you’ll understand why we call tart cherry juice “nature’s secret weapon” - with both a delicious taste and benefits for faster recovery, great sleep, and better workouts, this juice is nothing short of nature-given magic. 

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