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09 February 2021 Cheribundi Marketing
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So, what’s the deal with tart cherry juice? Glad you asked.

The best way to start is with the science.

Tart cherry juice had long been revered for its wellness benefits, so over the past few years, various different studies have been conducted to see just what the deal if this superfruit is what the rumors say. Spoiler alert: It’s as good, if not better than its reputation.

  • In a July 2017 study, the United States Olympic Committee found that tart cherry juice lessened pain and soreness brought on by physical exertion. The same study found that tart cherry juice’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties promoted faster muscle recovery.
  • A December 2012 study at Northumbria University in England found that “there were significant increases in total sleep time and sleep efficiency total” when participants drank tart cherry juice, due to its high levels of melatonin, the hormone which naturally regulates sleep.
  • Additionally, a December 2016 study found that tart cherry juice can assist in the cellular immune response function, in part due to a key ingredient, nitric oxide.

These are just a few of the many studies conducted by medical, agricultural, and scientific centers that have all found one thing: tart cherry juice is awesome. It can help you to recover faster, feel less sore, sleep easier, feel more rested, and boost your immune system.

It’s for all of these reasons that we started Cheribundi. We wanted people to have easy access to the power of tart cherries.

It’s also why we employ our unique, proprietary juicing process to ensure that we keep all the good stuff in. Our ‘gentle juicing’ technique means that each recommended 8oz of Cheribundi contains up to 60 of the best tart cherries you could have.

We also have a range of different juices to better tailor the drink to your needs.

  • PURE tart cherry juice is just the cherries, nothing else.
  • ORIGINAL tart cherry juice is tart cherries mixed with some apple juice for sweetness.
  • SLEEP  tart cherry juice is blended with valerian root and L-theanine, which combined with tart cherry juice’s naturally high levels of melatonin, will help you fall asleep even more easily and have better quality rest.
  • PROTEIN combines t art cherry juice and whey protein to give your muscles that extra kick they need to grow.
  • LIGHT is delicious tart cherry juice but at a ⅓ of the calories.

Anything else you want to know about tart cherries, drop us a message on instagram. We’re @cheribundi.


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