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Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice: Your Guide

Posted by Allison Mitchell on

Tart cherry juice has long been revered for its wellness benefits - which is why Cheribundi began. Dedicated to providing the most benefits of any functional beverage due to the unique process that “keeps the good in,” we have continued to diversify our product selection to have something for everyone. Tart cherry juice has also been studied extensively by various medical and agricultural centers. Here are some of the possible benefits of consuming tart cherry juice:
  1. It may help alleviate soreness.
In a July 2017 study, the United States Olympic Committee studied tart cherry juice’s impact on athletes and found that consuming the juice seemed to lessen pain or soreness brought on by physical exertion.
  1. It can promote faster muscle recovery
The same study also found that tart cherry juice’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties promoted faster muscle recovery in athletes. Drink after a workout, in the morning with your breakfast, as a snack during the day, or about an hour before bed to potentially stay ahead of any muscle soreness.
  1. It can help you fall asleep faster… and sleep better!
Tart cherry juice contains naturally occurring melatonin. A December 2012 study at Northumbria University in England found that “there were significant increases in total sleep time and sleep efficiency total” when participants drank tart cherry juice, due to its melatonin which naturally regulates sleep. So, next time insomnia has you wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling, grab some Cheribundi.
  1. It can boost immunity.
Last but certainly not least, tart cherry juice could have impacts on immunity. Because of the naturally occurring melatonin in tart cherry juice, it can help you sleep more and deeper — and a good night’s sleep can help your body’s immunity. Additionally, a December 2016 study found that its ingredient of nitric oxide can assist in the cellular immune response function. For each of tart cherry juice’s benefits, Cheribundi offers a variety of the juice. For example, our “HYDRATE” product also includes coconut water to promote more hydration. And, our “REBUILD” product” is tailored towards athletes or those who work out frequently, and includes added B vitamins and whey protein.

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