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How to Find the Best Tart Cherry Juice

Posted by Allison Mitchell on

At Cheribundi, we’re bringing cherry juice — with all its benefits — to consumers around the United States. We pride ourselves on offering a great taste, a wide selection of varieties, and of course, each of our products is made from tart cherry juice with Cheribundi’s unique, proprietary juicing process. When choosing the best tart cherry juice for you, it’s important to evaluate the potency of 100% tart cherry juice within the product. Cheribundi is not from concentrate, and of all tart cherry juice brands on the market, it has the highest “ORAC” (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Why Cheribundi Is Different Cheribundi’s high ORAC level is due to our proprietary juicing process. Developed in partnership with Cornell University scientists, we use “gentle juicing” to ensure all of the nutrients from each cherry is retained, yielding the highest antioxidant level of any functional beverage. Additionally, we juice by flash pasteurizing, sans any extra heating. The end result is a tart cherry juice with unprecedented potency. There are two places you can find, order, and purchase Cheribundi’s full product selection.
  1. Our online shop.
Easy enough! On our website, you can survey our product selection then order under the “Shop” tab. You’re able to choose which size you’d like of each variety, or you can also subscribe to our monthly subscription program. Browse each of our beverage options, complete with details about the added ingredients to boost uses such as the addition of coconut water in “HYDRATE”. All of our nutritional facts are also available in our online shop. Simply scroll down on each drink’s page to find this information. Inside tip: Subscribe to receive Cheribundi in the mail monthly! Subscribers enjoy 10% off — and it’s a good idea to get your tart cherry juice delivered on a regular basis to ensure you don’t miss a day of your tart cherry juice. Subscriptions can easily be amended or changed if you’ll be out of town or you’re moving to a new address. Start with just one product or order as many as you’d like. The subscription option is popular with our Cheribundi community members who have tried out the “7-Day Challenge,” in which you add 8 ounces of tart cherry juice to your diet for seven straight days.
  1. At a store near you.
Cheribundi is also available in retail stores such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and other large supermarket chains for easy pick up. To find the store nearest you, use our store locator. You’ll be able to search by city or zip code, or click “search nearby” to utilize your device’s location technology. A list of nearby suppliers will appear, including a map of their locations. Inside tip: Plug in the city name of wherever you’re visiting if you travel often! A bottle of our “ORIGINAL” will help you stay in tip-top shape for your travels, and our 100% TART cherry juice product is the most potent of our selection. Happy shopping!

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