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What's the Best Tart Cherry Juice?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

You may have heard of all the potential benefits in a glass of tart cherry juice, but if you’re anything like us, you only want the best tart cherry juice. Why settle for ‘good’ when someone is out there, making the most of nature’s secret weapon? We’re proud to be considered the best tart cherry juice on the market for a number of reasons, all oriented in how we see and respect tart cherries. A glass of our good stuff is a ‘dose that does the most’ (see what we did there?), since the cherries feature the highest antioxidant strength of any super fruit juice. 

We’ll get right to it. Here are the reasons we’re confident that we’re the best:

-Our juice is made through a proprietary, one-of-a-kind gentle juicing process

-The juice is then bottled fresh in the United States

-The juice is not made from concentrate

-A glass of Cheribundi only features natural sugars from the tart cherries

Cheribundi’s Gentle Juicing Process For the Best Tart Cherry Juice

A juice can only be as good as its juicing process, as many juice companies put fruit through heat-intensive processes that can kill the natural nutrients within them. We know better. A decade ago, a team of Cornell University scientists became intrigued by the question of how to make a juice that makes the most of all of a tart cherry’s benefits. Our proprietary process was born. Here are the details on how we extract pure strength:

  1. Our team only ‘picks’ cherries when they are in full harvest, which happens just once a year.. These are true tart cherries: Montmorency and Morello cherries.
  1. The cherries are extracted from the orchard’s cherry trees by gently shaking the tree with a hydraulic tree shaker, which imitates the natural movement of the wind. This minimizes the chance that the cherries can be damaged, as picking the cherries can bruise them. The end result is perfectly ripe, whole tart cherries that are ready to be lovingly juiced in our one-of-a-kind-process.
  1. Then, the cherries are transported to our home factory, where the real fun begins. The juicing process is done with minimal heat to keep all of the nutrients in the tart cherries, and is then securely bottled to preserve freshness. Our proven extraction process empowers your performance.
  1. We like to refer to our factory as “The Geneva Advantage” because of its location in Geneva, NY. The facility is 80,000 square feet, and because of its location within the United States, freshness can be guaranteed. The juice is securely bottled then distributed right from the source — so the tart cherry juice that lands on your doorstep or in your local store is as fresh as it can be.

Only Nature’s Goodness, No Concentrate Allowed

With a bottle of Cheribundi, you get exactly the freshness you desire: gently juiced cherries without anything extracted, as if you juiced in yourself in the orchard. Except, that would also be a lot of work for you. That means it’s not made from concentrate.

Alongside our promise to never extract natural juices or nutrients from the tart cherries is our promise to not add anything that compromises its nutritional value. Our 100 percent tart cherry juice is made with just one simple ingredient: tart cherries! How about that? One eight ounce serving of Cheribundi includes a grand total of sixty tart cherries with no added sugar (we know, that’s a lot of nature’s punch in one bottle). A bottle of Cheribundi only includes natural sugars from the cherries themselves: fructose and glucose, which are natural sources of energy for our bodies.

To join us in respecting our eight-ounces-of-the-best-tart-cherry-juice-a-day ritual, opt in for the Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge. The challenge entails seven days straight of eight ounces of Cheribundi a day (which is also sixty tart cherries a day!) so you can experience the potential benefits of tart cherries, such as reduced soreness and inflammation and better sleep. It takes seven days for the consumption of tart cherries to build up the phytonutrients and antioxidants in your body -- so you better get drinking!

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