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Posted by Allison Mitchell on

Millennials and GenX Are Sleep Deprived and Want to Know - How to Get Better Sleep Naturally? The American Sleep Association statistics are alarming so it should come as no surprise that family and mommy bloggers unite in their complaints about a lack of sleep or even sleep deprivation. These educated generations are not just complaining; they are also searching for a different approach then traditional medicine as the first alternative. So, if you are one of the 50-70 million Americans with a sleep disorder here are easy, natural steps to better rest. Make Sleep a Priority Develop a mindset that makes sleep a priority. This is more than committing to hitting the hay at a certain time and cutting the caffeine mid-day. Developing a sleep-centered daily routine is really a mindset that acknowledges sleep, deeply restful, mind, body, and soul-recovering sleep, is an essential element of your overall health and wellness. It moves sleep up on your long list of priorities and keeps you mindful of your daily actions and choices that promote a good night's sleep instead of leaving sleep at the bottom of the list and relegated to a catch-as-you-can effort. Add Tart Cherry Juice to Your Daily Diet Once your pro-sleep attitude is in place, add Cheribundi tart cherry juice to your daily diet. These tiny stone fruits are naturally very high in melatonin and melatonin is important in regulating the sleep wake cycle. Studies show that daily consumption of tart cherry juice promotes deeper and more restful sleep over a placebo. Wilfred Pigeon, Ph.D. directs the Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In an interview conducted shortly after one of his research papers was published showing the efficacy of tart cherry juice consumption on improved sleep quality and duration he said, "I haven't been able to find any other food that's been shown to improve sleep in folks with insomnia." In addition, participants drinking the tart cherry juice in the study didn't have any side effects. "Most medications will have some side effects and the older medications, pretty severe side effects…so the ability to improve sleep with a non-drug agent might be very beneficial for many populations, not only in folks who want to avoid medications, but in people who are on medications already and perhaps several medications," Pigeon added. Create an Evening Routine That Supports Better Sleep Now that you have committed to sleeping better (mind) and changed your diet to allow for deeper sleep (body) and put you on the track to a sleep-wake cycle its time to create a soothing evening routine that supports and reinforces your commitment (environment). So, even if it’s just a brief routine 15 minutes after the kids are tucked away develop a ritual. Lower the lights, turn off electronics, add 5 minutes of meditation or deep breathing and try to keep your bedtime consistent each night. Think of it like this- during the day, we're working in high gear, shifting from third into fourth and fifth like a high-octane performance car with a five-gear transmission. It seems that more and more of our days and nights are spent in these higher gears for longer periods of time, so downshifting is less frequent and so is the time spent in lower gear. A conscious effort to downshift and make this part of our evening routine allows the natural sleep cycle to kick in and send you off to restful sleep and recovery. Getting better sleep doesn’t have to be an epic quest with only fleeting success. Deeper, more restful sleep without medication or over the counter sleep aids can be attained naturally and easily with a few simple changes. Rest easy, we're The Cherry People and here to help! Millennials and GenX Are Sleep Deprived and Want to Know - How to Get Better Sleep Naturally?

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