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05 March 2021 Cheribundi Marketing
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Whether you spend your nights staring at the ceiling, wishing you would fall asleep or if you find that you’re constantly waking up at hourly intervals and never quite seem rested… Insomnia sucks.

But tart cherries can help.

They’re rich in a whole host of phytonutrients that make them amazing, but it’s their melatonin levels that make them the perfect all-natural sleep aid. 

Melatonin is the hormone that helps to regulate sleep in our bodies, and tart cherries are bursting with the stuff and several studies have been conducted to see their impact on sleepers.

A Louisiana State University study found that participants who consumed two, eight ounce servings of Cheribundi a day experienced 90 more minutes of effective sleep per night.

“One particular study had participants consume 8 ounces of tart cherry juice daily over a two-week period, which was shown to improve sleep time, quality and symptoms of insomnia”

- Emma Willingham, Registered Dietitian

This is why over 350+ professional and collegiate sports teams drink Cheribundi as part of their fitness routines. 

As well as all of the other benefits, tart cherries’ ability to increase the length and quality of your sleep is such a powerful thing for an athlete. Recovery is a huge part of the process.

It’s in part due to the high levels of anthocyanins found within the little superfruit.

Anthocyanins are a naturally occurring antioxidant that help to reduce inflammation. These anthocyanins, in tandem with the naturally-occurring melatonin, aid in faster recovery and a higher quality night of sleep, so you can recover and reset for everyday excellence. This means less of feeling sore, achey, and tired ㅡ and more leveling up your performance. 

But how do we make sure all the goodness in those tart cherries gets to you unharmed?

Through our one-of-a-kind extraction process. Our proprietary ‘gentle juicing’ method ensures that we get all of the good stuff from the best tart cherries and are able to deliver you high quality, fresh-pressed juice in every bottle. This process was developed over ten years ago by scientists at Cornell University who were interested in optimizing the health benefits of tart cherries. We still use it, so every 8oz bottle of Cheribundi contains all the nutrients and goodness of up to 60 tart cherries. So if you want to stop counting sheep, just pick up a case of Cheribundi.

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