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10 November 2022 Cheribundi Marketing
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Properly fueling a workout can be key to getting the most out of a training session and hitting long term fitness goals.


Not sure where to start? Fortunately, there's lots of scientific research to provide expert recommendations for real food fuel to power your workouts.

  • Focus on carbs - we've talked before about how carbs are the main fuel source for almost all physical activity and should be the focus of a pre-workout snack or meal. Incorporate carbs into most meals and snacks throughout the day to ensure full glycogen stores to prep for physical activity, especially for endurance performances, as research shows that consuming a carb-rich diet over 3 days can help maximize glycogen stores.
  • Add protein - Optimize your pre workout carbs by adding some protein to your fuel mix. For both resistance and endurance training, research has repeatedly shown that this pairing can improve outcomes and even recovery through increased muscle building. Avoid excessive protein in the pre-workout window since it can digest more slowly and may cause stomach cramping.
  • Eat before your workout - a pre workout meal or snack 3-4 hours prior to activity gives the body time to digest and build up and maximize those glycogen stores. Short on time? Grab a snack 30 minutes prior to working out should be ok for most people. Everyone’s digestive system moves a little differently so pay attention to how you feel during a workout with different fuel timing. In general, the closer you are to a workout, the smaller, simpler, and more carb rich your fuel should be.

Choosing the right fuel doesn’t have to be complicated- just keep in mind timing and composition of your snack or meal. Some trial and error may be needed as you figure out what works best for your body, but be sure to not miss the fueling opportunity to optimize your training and performance!


Thanks to our Contributing Dietitian, Jenna Amos, RDN, for this post.

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