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Posted by Allison Mitchell on

You know the feeling. That stiffness and soreness that come a day or so after a hard workout, spring cleaning, or taking the kids to the park. It's DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness and it's quite familiar to anyone who's trained for a charity run, gotten back into their favorite sport after a winter hiatus, or boosted a training regimen for better gains. DOMS isn't just for professional and elite endurance athletes, either. It can make an appearance one or two days after you've helped your kids move to college, joined the local sports league, or heeded the prompting of your fitness tracker and started taking the stairs to your office. The soreness is a natural inflammatory response in the body, repairing micro-injuries in the muscle fibers caused when more strenuous activity requires your muscles to work harder or be used in a new or different way. Put down the over the counter medicine and pick up a Cheribundi. Over 50 scientific studies support the natural benefits of drinking tart cherry juice - and faster post-workout recovery is just one of them.
Drinking Cheribundi puts you in good company. Did you know that 175 professional sports teams and collegiate athletic programs drink Cheribundi to help the athletes recover quicker. The seasons are long, workouts are intense, competition is fierce, and muscles need to recover faster to get back out there and do it all over again. Food scientists determined that there are more than 30 phytonutrients in tart cherries that have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. That's a delicious dose of natural protection in a little red fruit.
"There's a particular type of antioxidant in tart cherries called anthocyanins and these are very potent phytonutrients that fight inflammation and block the enzymes that cause inflammation," explained Malachy McHugh, Ph.D. As the Director of Research at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma (NISMAT) at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York, McHugh has published several papers on the positive effects of tart cherries for post-workout muscle recovery. He sees the potential for pre-covery, such as drinking Cheribundi for three or four days prior to beginning a new workout regimen, loading the body with inflammation-fighting nutrients. Then continuing to include Cheribundi for daily recovery.
The scientific studies that support the health benefits of drinking tart cherry juice daily keep coming. Last summer a research team in the UK reported findings of a study conducted on soccer players, showing reduced levels of inflammation markers and muscle soreness. Researchers concluded that "the research builds on existing studies suggesting (tart cherry juice) may benefit athletes involved in high-intensity strength training, cycling, and metabolic exercise." Runner’s World and Triathlete Magazine both recently highlighted the product benefits for fitness buffs with Triathlete stating that tart cherries were aiming for the superfood throne.
Dr. McHugh seems to agree when he mentions. "For a professional athlete, adding tart cherry juice to their diet provides significant acceleration to their recovery and lets them tolerate long seasons a lot better."
Treat your body right and do the one thing that's proven to support muscle recovery after your workouts – drinking Cheribundi, once a day, every day.
Learn How to Recover from a Workout Faster Like the Professional and College Athletes that drink Cheribundi

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