Brand Ambassadors: TREY WINGO

A native of Greenwich, Conn., Trey Wingo graduated from Baylor University in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Wingo began his career in 1987 as a sports producer for NBC’s News at Sunrise in New York and has since worked his way up to ESPN. Now, Wingo is a co-host of ESPN's Golic & Wingo, host of the NFL Draft, and host of NFL Prime Time.  He has also served as the host of the  Women's NCAA basketball tournament.

How Did You First Hear About Cheribundi? 
“I’ve known Cheribundi’s CEO, Steve for several years through the beverage industry and after seeing Steve’s strong enthusiasm and commitment to Cheribundi, I had to try it. Now I love it.” 

How Has Drinking Cheribundi Impacted You? 
“I drink Cheribundi everyday, especially after workouts, and it does help in recovery. Plus, I know the value of a good night’s sleep, especially these days. Drinking Cheribundi before bed helps me sleep better every night.”