Nutritionists recognize the antioxidant strength and nutritional value in Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice for reducing muscle soreness and increasing recovery, as well as the natural melatonin to promote better sleep. Nutritionists from 250 professional and college sports teams now leverage the athletic recovery benefits of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice as part of their daily training routine. These teams include:

  • 141 NCAA (61/65 “Power 5” Conferences)
  • 26 National Football League (out of 32)
  • 21 National Basketball Association (out of 30)
  • 16 National Hockey League (out of 30)
  • 20 Major League Baseball (out of 30)
  • 5 Major League Soccer (out of 23)
  • 4 U.S. National Team (Women’s Soccer/Volleyball/Ski)
  • 17 Others (Military / Sports Performance Centers)
  • Current MLB World Series Champion, NHL Stanley Cup Champion and the last 6 NFL Super Bowl Champions
  • 15 of the last 16 NCAA Football Champions
  • Every NCAA Basketball Champion since 2004
  • At least one team in 34 out of 39 college football 2018 bowl games
  • 37 D1 NCAA Basketball Tournament teams in 2018
  • 46/50 States


As the official recovery juice of the CPDSA, Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice is proud to be one of three premiere partners for the organization. Founded in 2010, CPSDA represents the vast majority of advanced practice registered dietitians in the United States who work full-time with athletes in colleges, professional sports, Olympic training centers, the U.S. Military and in law enforcement. CPSDA leads the way in applied performance nutrition, advocates for the advancement of performance nutrition infrastructure, drives job growth, and provides members with tools to support their full career development. Cheribundi has partnered with CPSDA since 2011.