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25 May 2022 Jenna Amos
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Cool down, stretch, hydrate and sleep - all vital components of an adequate recovery plan. However, no recovery is complete without proper refueling. 


Research has shown that certain foods, likely due to the nutrients they contain, help athletes and gym goers alike recover faster and more efficiently. Read below for some top recovery enhancing foods to add to your post training routine:


  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is a protein powerhouse (¾ a cup packs 16g protein), which is key for stimulating muscle protein synthesis, or the creation of new muscle, post workout. Research has shown that leucine, an amino acid or building block of protein and found in greek yogurt, may be key for new muscle and muscle repair. The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends 700-3000mg of leucine post workout-greek yogurt provides over 1g per cup! 

  • Tart Cherry JuiceThe impact of tart cherry juice consumption has been studied widely in athletes with promising results around muscle recovery and perceived soreness. A 2021 research review concluded that tart cherry supplementation improved recovery times of oxidative and inflammatory markers, speeding up recovery. This is due to the juice’s high levels of anthocyanins, an antioxidant responsible for the dark red color. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces muscle soreness and damage. The study noted that best results were seen with daily juice consumption over 8-10 days

  • Sweet Potatoes: No recovery is complete without a good dose of carbs! This macro replenishes muscle glycogen, or the stored energy in our muscles, depleted during exercise or competition. Sweet potatoes contain about 25g of energy rich carbs per 1 cup cubed so are a great recovery food. Plus, their fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C (think: antioxidants!) and muscle loving potassium provide lots of positive health benefits too. Pair a post workout sweet potato with some protein for the ultimate recovery combo. 

Up your post workout game with some of these tasty foods to promote a quick recovery! 


Thanks to our Contributing Dietitian, Jenna Amos, RDN, for this post.

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