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06 October 2022 Cheribundi Marketing
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My name's Neen Williams. I’m a professional skateboarder, a coach and the owner of a small spice company. Growing up in the skateboarding world, there wasn’t a source for information about how to use nutrition and fitness to perform better, recover better, and have longevity. We all pretty much lived for the moment, some days you woke up sore and some days you didn’t. We didn’t know that there were practices to actually help reduce soreness and almost guarantee that you’re primed for the day ahead.

Here's what I've learned since then.

Proper recovery practices help with your performance.  

Cheribundi has been a big part of my recovery ritual. I drink 8-16oz everyday around the most active parts of the day to support my body with antioxidants and help me feel less sore sooner. Not only is Cheribundi tart cherry juice packed with antioxidants but after physical stress, the consumption of tart cherry juice helps replenish your muscles with glycogen, which helps with your energy levels.


When and what you eat impacts performance.

Staying on top of my diet, knowing what I'm eating and drinking and why has had a huge impact on my performance. The timing of nutrition has played a huge role, making sure I plan the bulk of my carb consumption around the most active parts of my sessions. I prioritize protein throughout the day to keep me satiated and help improve my recovery.


Recovery rituals matter. 

Other recovery practices like cold plunges, stretching, and foam rolling have also played a huge part in my performance. Cold plunges are known to help push out lactic acid from muscles and help relieve inflammation, leaving me less sore. I take about 2-3 cold plunges a week, aiming the water temperature anywhere from the upper 30s to mid 40s for a 3-5 minute plunge.

I use my social media accounts to spread my knowledge to help other people and athletes alike. We are all in this together. My goal in life is to be someone that I wish was around when I was younger, giving easy-to-follow tips that can help everyone do the things I love for longer.

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