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Do Athletes Drink Cheribundi?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

Calling all athletes looking for an added POW to their performance on the court, track, or field. Cheribundi is made with one primary ingredient: 100% tart cherries that were delicately shaken from cherry orchards in their prime. Sounds exclusive, doesn’t it? These small-but-mighty cherries create a tart cherry juice that powers a performance that pops, making Cheribundi a top choice for athletes of all types looking for better workouts and increased recovery.

In fact, Cheribundi’s super strength is all in the numbers: over 290 professional and collegiate sports teams power up with Cheribundi, alongside recent Super Bowl champions, 32 NCAA champions across all sports, and over a dozen NCAA football and basketball champions. We recommend all Cheribundi drinkers - regardless of athletic status - to respect the ritual and consume eight ounces daily or twice a day. 

Tart Cherry Juice’s Benefits for Athletes

How can sixty tart cherries in an eight ounce bottle of Cheribundi power up athletes? Athletes respect the eight-ounces-per-day ritual because it helps them achieve better workouts and faster recovery speeds, so they can do what they love daily with less soreness. This is because tart cherries have high levels of anthocyanins, which are a specific type of naturally-occurring antioxidants which may help reduce training-related soreness. 

This is good news for new or returning athletes, too - if you’re just getting back to the gym and dreading that ‘rite of passage’ bout of soreness from a few too many reps, an eight ounce dosage of Cheribundi can help you recover and reset for everyday excellence. 

We also know that we tap into better physical performance when we’re well rested, and the naturally-occurring melatonin within tart cherries may promote more restful, quality sleep. 

Why Athletes Love Cheribundi

We know there are other tart cherry juices on the market -- but in the spirit of healthy competition (we all love a good sports rivalry), we did perfect a one-of-a-kind extraction process. We ensure that every single tart cherry that enters our factory in Michigan retains all of its nutritional value through “gentle juicing,” so you can put nature’s secret weapon to work in all its full glory every time you drink your daily dosage. The finished product? A super fruit juice with the highest antioxidant strength out there, to help you strengthen and recover simultaneously. 

This one-of-a-kind extraction process is not from concentrate, non-GMO, with no added sugars - just the pure, natural goodness that athletes love. We do the gentle juicing so you can do the heavy lifting, without worrying about added ingredients or syrups within the super fruit juice you trust to empower your strength. Try a week of Cheribundi to see why so many top tier athletes depend on their daily serving for their most empowered performance.

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