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13 October 2020 Cheribundi Marketing
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No offense (some offense) to juices made from concentrate, but that could never be Cheribundi.

Cheribundi is NOT made from concentrate. Cheribundi is made from fresh-pressed high quality tart cherries that have been put through our proprietary ‘gentle juicing’ process to ensure that every single one of the 60 cherries that goes into a single 8oz bottle of Pure Cheribundi retains all its nutrients so that you can get all the benefits.

But let’s backtrack, because you might be wondering ‘what exactly is concentrate, anyway?’

Good question.

Concentrate is a juice that has been made without all the water content from the original squeezed juice. For example, if an orange juice is made from concentrate, that means that the oranges were processed to extract all natural water, creating a final orange juice that is far more concentrated than it would be if you hand-squeezed it, the all natural way.

The problem is that this process is so intense that it can eliminate the nutrients from the fruit and lessen the robustness of the flavor.

For Cheribundi, that just won’t do. Tart cherries are full of so many amazing nutrients from antioxidants and anthocyanins to melatonin and nitric oxide, that anything that strips them of that goodness is a no from us. 

Basically, we want our juice to be as fresh, nutritious, and tasty as possible when it gets to you and that process doesn’t just start with the juicing- we even pick our cherries is to ensure maximum taste and nutrition. Our one-of-a-kind process starts with using an extractor to shake the trees, so the ripe cherries drop naturally, ensuring that they don’t get damaged. 

Once we’ve picked the best of the bunch, we send our bundle of nature’s secret weapon to be juiced, using our unique method, which was developed by a team at Cornell University. It places the preservation of the nutrients in each cherry as their highest priority. 

Oh, and did we mention there are no added sugars? Every bottle of Cheribundi is made with a promise, and that promise is that you only get the good stuff.

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