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Is Cheribundi Cherry Juice from Concentrate?

Posted by Cheribundi Marketing on

Here’s something we can’t stand: juices made from concentrate. With all the nutrients and freshness in a fruit (especially in a tart cherry, with all its benefits), what’s the need?

The simple answer is no, Cheribundi cherry juice is NOT made from concentrate. While there are many other fruit juices on the market that are made from concentrate (you can tell by labeling on the bottle), the Cheribundi proprietary gentle juicing process creates a fresh-pressed, high quality tart cherry juice that includes a whopping sixty tart cherries in one eight-ounce serving. Now, that’s a dose that does the most.

What is “Concentrate?” 

A juice that is made from concentrate is a fruit juice that has been made without all the water content from the original squeezed juice. For example, if an orange juice is made from concentrate, that means that the oranges were processed to extract all natural water, creating a final orange juice that is far more concentrated than it would be if you hand-squeezed an orange with your trusty citrus squeezer at home - the all natural way. 

However, the process required to make juice concentrate features an intensive processing regimen that may also extract and eliminate the nutrients from the fruit. Because tart cherries have so many potential benefits, Cheribundi was created in alignment with our tagline, “Keep good in.” It’s important to us to provide the freshest and most nutritious tart cherry juice out there, which we ensure through our “gentle juicing process.” This keeps the nutrients in while also providing a robust flavor, no ‘from concentrate’ needed.

Cheribundi’s One-of-A-Kind Process

To understand how our tart cherry juice is made fresh and without water extraction, the Cheribundi juicing process includes a few key, one-of-a-kind steps that ensure the tart cherries are not harmed and that each glass of tart cherry juice is made fresh. The gentle process begins with our team shaking the cherry trees rather than using an extractor to pick the cherries. When the cherries are damaged, it can compromise the level of nutrients, undercutting what we call ‘nature’s secret weapon.’ (With all those nutrients for better workouts, faster recovery, and great sleep, how can these tart cherries not be secret weapons?)

Then, the cherries go through a juicing process that is as minimal as it can be, which contrasts greatly from the juicing process for juices made from concentrate. The process was created by a team at Cornell University with the preservation of each cherry’s nutrients and flavors a top priority. 

No Added Sugars

We treat tart cherries as the secret weapon they are, so that their powerful nutrients can be put to work. This means that a bottle of Cheribundi natural tart cherry juice is made with a promise: no added sugars. This promise guarantees that you only get “the good stuff” (as we like to call it) when you open a bottle. 

To try Cheribundi’s tart cherry juice, order a case of eight or twelve on our online shop. And when it comes to juice, save the ‘concentrate’ for when you concentrate on learning all the potential benefits of real, natural tart cherry juice.

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